30 Best Places to Visit in Belitung

Welcome to Belitong! (Katerina photo)

Belitung regency with its capital city Tanjungpandan has been known as Rainbow Troop Country.

Until now, Belitung Regency still prioritizes on three main sectors which are tourism, transportation, maritime and fisheries sector. 

Along with this, Belitung Regency has been decided by government rule number 6 in 2016 as Special Economic Zone of Tourism and also as one of ten priority tourism destination in Indonesia by Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia. Until now tourism sector has become the main sector to support the economy and to create business and investation opportunity.

Belitong Island has been National Geopark on November 24, 2017 and now in the process of being UNESCO Global Geopark.

Some Geosite Geopark in Belitong Island such as Peramun Hill where you can see Tarcius watching, Juru Seberang and etc.

Best Places to Visit in Belitung
Best Places to Visit in Belitung

Let's go Belitong!

Belitung is an island full of adventures only fifty minutes flight away from Jakarta.

Visiting Belitung, Indonesia is a thrilling adventure where the island offers a wide range of exciting places to visit and things to do for all tourists. Of all the things to do in Belitung, visiting its various nature destinations ranks high up the list. 

If you are looking to visit this island in the near future, I’ve provided you a list of the top 30 places to visit in Belitung so you can enjoy nature beauty of amazing beach and culture local wisdom in both daily activities and festivals.

Have a fabulously diverse vacation and add these best places to visit in Belitung to your bucket list. 


Lengkuas Island is the name of an island, in this island the light house still stands up straight that was built ini Dutch colonial government. Up to the present time The Light House has been working as the guidance for the ships through Tanjung Binga and the surrounding.

To give well impression to the visitors, the officer in charge always persuade to get on the tower fron the peak of the tower is approximately 70 meters, tourist are able to see the amazing panorama around and the visitors will certainly have different and unforgettable experience.

You can see the under water view with the various sea biota. It will be more attractive on the opposite of Lengkuas Island around 0,5 miles that you can observe is Indomarine ship which was sunk in 1990.

Lengkuas Island (Katerina Photo 2018)


Leebong Island is one of the island that has its own appeal for tourists. Leebong Island can be visited less than 20 minutes. Using the boat through Tanjung Ru port Pegantungan Badau Sub-district.

White sand beach, blue sea water decorated by rows mangrove forest make travelers stay longer in the island "feel like home" facilities provided such us Banana Boat, Canoe, Jet Sky, Bicycle, Kayaking will a different experience for the tourist.

Mangrove forest area is located in sub-district of Sijuk wit 60,2 Ha area, tourist will be offered a tourist attraction with the charm of beauty and uniqueness that invites admiration for the expanse of mangrove forest.

In this area tourist can see diversity of mangrove forest along +/- 630 m path of wood beside the river, beside that there are also educational tours such as planting mangrove as well as photo hunter this area also unique location for photo shooting.

Leebong Island (Katerina Photo 2019)


A small island, where on middle of it, some huge granite rocks neatly arranged stands on white sand surrounded by clear sea water. This island is very reachable by boats. Only ten minutes from Tanjung Kelayang beach.

When high tide, all the surface of the island will be drowned and the rocks in sight will look like the sailing rocks. But when low tide, the visitors may drop on and walk on it while taking photos with the huge rocks background, snorkeling, and diving to observe the coral reef and various kinds of fish nearby.

Batu Berlayar Island - when low tide (Katerina Photo 2015)

Batu Berlayar Island - when high tide (Katerina Photo 2019)


Kelayang island is located between Eagle Stone Island and Tukong Island the comprehensive of this island is about 1 hectare. To reached this location needs 5 minutes using boat rental around Tanjung Kelayang beach. 

This island is also one of the stopover place for tourist before continue the journey to other island in Hopping Island. In this island tourist can feel a quite atmosphere behind the shade of trees, besides that tourist can also enjoy sunrise or sunset.

Other uniqueness of this island is in the central there has a large granite stone stand its magnificent with color like red, green, and purple which resulted by natural processes. Among the stones tourist can get around like down a granite rock cave.

Kelayang Island (Katerina Photo 2019)


When you visit Lengkuas Island, it is not complete if you don't drop on Burung Island. This island keeps unique rocks, one of them is like bird head. 

This island is not too big but grown by trees which is the place for birds to make nests. With the atmosphere devoid of the hustle and bustle make this place is deal for avoiding from daily activities.

White sandy beach and clear water is very fantastic fot snorkeling and diving. This location is very reachable around 20 minutes by fisherman boats both from Tanjung Kelayang beach and Tanjung Binga village.

Burung Island (Katerina Photo 2018)

Katerina Photo 2018


Tanjung Kelayang beach is one of tourist beach objects that is located in Sijuk sub district. This beach is always magnet for tourists to visit. The distance from Tanjung Kelayang to Tanjungpandan town center is around 27 kilometers. 

There is an interesting sight on this area. The rock like eagle head that is a mascot of Tanjung Kelayang in accordingly the various position of rocks structured gives a unique and attractive.

Every year in October, the beach Tanjung Kelayang has been the center point for the yachters in the group of Sail Indonesia. Cottages built in the atmosphere of such nature as the place for tourist spend the night are found in Tanjung Kelayang beach. Amphitheater has also been built there and used for art and other performance.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)

Festival Tanjung Kelayang at Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)

Festival Tanjung Kelayang at Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)

Festival Tanjung Kelayang at Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)

Festival Tanjung Kelayang at Tanjung Kelayang Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)


Tanjung Tinggi is one of lovely beaches in Belitung. This beach is frequently determined to be film shooting spot as the shooting film of Laskar Pelangi and Sang Pemimpi based on phenomenal novel written by a youth from Belitung, Andrea Hirata. 

The distance from the town center is around 30 kilometers. Along the clear white sandy coast line decorated with the giant rocks naturally structured, emerge the panorama around fascinating and amazing by the creation of almighty God.

Other special attraction on this beach is that it has calm wave and clear water, safe for swimming an boating. No wonder that this place is always visited by many people especially on weekends or holidays.

To memorize the visit, you shouldn't miss the occasion to take photographs with the background of sign shooting location Film Laskar Pelangi. For those who like nice food, there are a lot of restaurants that serve special seafood food of Belitung, main course menu such as Gangan Kepala Ikan Ketarap, spicy fish, fried squid or calaman, shrimp, or boiled crab. If you plan to spend the night, in this area you may find Lor in Hotel and resort.

Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Katerina Photo 2019)

Tanjung Tinggi Beach (Katerina Photo 2019)

Don't forget to take photographs with the background of sign shooting location Film Laskar Pelangi (Katerina Photo 2018)


This island is only the overlay of sand, neither tress nor rocks as the other tourist objects. But this island always attracts tourists because of its uniqueness. When low tide, this island will be in sight on the surface of the water and you can walk on it while taking photos with the background of huge granite rocks and surrounding beautiful small islands.

The other activities can be done here such as snorkeling and sun bathing besides that bigger size starfish are easily found on this island. This island can reached by fisherman boats in 15 minutes time both from Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Binga.

Pasir Island (Photo 2016)


Valorous stone is one of favorite photo spots for the tourists. It can be reached by boat for twenty minutes from Tanjung Binga harbour Sub District Sijuk.

Its unique stone shaped like a male's genitals. It is believed that if tourists visit there then the household will be more harmonious 😁

Batu Perkasa (Lenny Photo www.len-diary.com)


It is around 18 kilometers from Tanjungpandang Town center northward, you'll see a village by the seashore, that is Tanjung Binga Village.

There are fisherman houses arranged neatly a long the coast line. Therefore, this village is very attractive and has specific character for tourist destination.

The attraction than can be enjoyed here is the daily activities of fishermen in processing the fish caught. Besides that you may chat with the villagers, discuss about sea or try to go fishing with them.

A head of the fisherman village, there are fascinating small islands, even the tower of light house in Lengkuas Island can be clearly in sight.

Fisherman Village of Tanjung Binga (Photo menengokindanya.wordpress.com)


0,5 sea mile on the western part of Lengkuas Island, you can find Indomarine ship sunk around 1990. Diving with the depth 19 meters you will discover the wreckage  ship with condition, it has been covered with coral, various sort of fish made it as its home.

The sea currents are calm around here with visibility of 0-13 meters. The unforgettable and impressive sensation of diving can be discovered on this spot.

Belitung Indomarine (Photo Kumparan)

Katerina Photos 2018

Katerina Photo 2019

Katerina Photo 2015


Peramun Hill is at 129 mdpl height, at the top of the hill we can find amazing granite with huge form and shape.

Administratively Bukit Peramun is located in Selumar Village, Sijuk district +/- 21 kilometers from the center of town. Nowadays, Bukit Peramun has become a favorite place for tourist who want to see and feels its. 

Cool whether not more than 147 types of tree can be found and some of them has used QR code for data information. At the night, tourists can be observe Tarsius Bancatus Saltator at the forest guided by profesional guide. 

Beside that tourist can go along path/track to see five caves around Peramun Hill, Tree House, Suspension bridge. This location is one of excellent place for you who like hunting sunrise and sunset.

Peramun Hill (Photo belitonggeopark.net)

Peramun Hill (Photo belitonggeopark.net)


Batu Bedil beach is famous of the sound effect of stone chaser when the big wave is coming. This sound is created from the small holes and small tunnels composed in the granite rock structure which drain the sound.

The holes and tunnels were formed due to wave force at he weak zone of the rock. This beach located in the North West Belitong Island near the boundary of Belitung and East Belitung Regency, with 1 hour travel time from Tanjungpandan City.

Batu Bedil Beach (Photo belitonggeopark.net)

Batu Bedil Beach (Photo belitonggeopark.net)


Balitung Village is located in Pelepak Putih subdistrict Sijuk 40 kilometers from Tanjungpandan Town Center. The people who live here are transmigrants from Bali.

As the time goes on, this village and its people has colored the attraction for tourists, especially various arts and cultures in Belitung Regency. The friendly and unpretentious inhabitants are easily get on with the local people, this case would be important for the local government of Belitung regency as the condition of the growth and the development of tourist destination in Sub-district Sijuk.

Because the majority of its people are Hindu's followers, so the tradition and customs are influenced Hindu's life. It can be insight in various activities in its society such as the commemoration of customs ceremony, Galungan, Nyepi, Saraswati and other religious moments.

The life of society's culture and the pattern of housing structures are still holding traditional architect and culture, dewata concept, and identical to original island of Bali, as the form of house building.

Balitung Village Belitung (Photo Indonesiakaya.com)

Balitung Village Belitung (Photo Indonesiakaya.com)


Berahu Hill beach is located in the village of Tanjung Binga, 18 kilometers from Tanjungpandan.

In this area you can find a restaurants on the peak of hill, having meal, you can see the beautiful and impressed panorama around. With clean swimming pool and nice cottages will bring you the mild and comfortable atmosphere.

Berahu Hill (Katerina Photo 2018)

Berahu Hill Beach (Katerina Photo 2018)


This village is located 12 kilometers from Tanjungpandan City in the northern costal road of Belitung Island, where it connected from Tanjungpandan to Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi beaches.

Each kinds of tourism destination here are managed by local communities. Together, they promote Terong Village as "creative" tourism village.

The tourism attractions are Tebalu Simpor Laki Granite Mountain, Air Rusa Berehun ex site lake, argo-tourism and Mangrove Forest. It is a complete tourism tour that has natural, cultural, and artificial tourism.

The main purpose of tourism activities here, are to give experiences and knowledge to the tourists of traditional custom on fisheries, craft an agricultural.

Terong Tourism (Photo Belitungisland.com)


Tanjung Pendam Beach is located in the Town of Tanjungpandan, with the area around 22 ha wide. Face to Kalamoa Island, and there is the place of worships for Tionghoa society in it. To make visitors comfort, this place has been facilitated with recreation park, entertainment stage, restaurant, art market, sport arena, shelters and other facilities.

Tanjung Pendam is frequently visited by tourist just for having a relax, having some food, souvenirs and taking photos.

Many kinds of activities performed on this place, from cultural, band, kite festivals, to sport event. By the afternoon a fascinating view of sunset can be observed here. No wonder many tourists won't leave the such moment.

Pantai Tanjung Pendam (Katerina Photo 2016)


For the people of Belitong Beach, the bay is always a choice for recreation. Because of its stunning and exotic beaches, there is also a restaurant that serves Belitung specialties that will make anyone enjoy the delights.

The beach on the southern tip of Belitung is located in the Membalong district about 65 kilometers from the city of Tanjungpandan and can be reached by motorbike driving around 1.5 hours.

Being on this beach tourist will enjoy the natural scenery that is still natural accompanied by a combination of clear sea water.

On the sidelines of a stretchy of granite rock along the coast  is overgrown with sentigi and sea cypress trees which add to the beauty of this beach. In addition there is a pier used by local people to go fishing as well as a means of transportation to cross the tourists to Seliu Island.

Teluk Gembira Beach (Photo belitong.wordpress.com)
Restaurant Teluk Gembira (Photo FB telukgembiraresto26)


A recreation area that is located in Sub-district Tanjungpandan, utilizing kulong "lake" as the object. The source of river's water used to be the need for the ceramic factory. 

However as the goes on this area is not well maintained. Because this place tends to worry the safety, inconvenience of the people around, spoil the beauty of town so since 2010 the local government of Belitung Regency has embarked on cleaning and maintaining the area. 

More and more visitors come to this place especially in the afternoon just for sight seeing or have a look at fish swimming in the lake. 

Amenities that have been provided such as seats or benches, restaurant, souvenir's shop, harbor and others. It is only 4 kilometers from town center, it exactly is on Jalan Ahmad Yani in Lesong Batang Village.

Kulong Keramik (Photo Belitongekspres.co.id)


You'll enjoy an attractive panorama and comfort during your stay on this beach. The waves hit the rocks appear on the sea has its specific attraction. 

Besides it has white sand, this object is grown with big trees and well maintained. It also has facilities as shelters, restaurants, clean enough and ready to serve the visitors.

This object has been more visited especially on holidays. This location in the village of Mentigi sub-district Membalong, 68 kilometers from Tanjungpandan Town.

Penyabong Beach (Photo Indonesia-tourism.com)


Gunung Tajam is the highest hill in Belitung Island, 500 meters above sea level. From the top of the hill, we are able to take a look at the beauty of Belitung panorama. 

Approximately 300 meters from its peak, you may find the stream that looks like water fall which falls into the natural pool.

Local People call it "Gurok Beraye" The Singing Birds, flying from tree to another tree make specific interest for those who like free nature.

Besides that on the top of the hill, Syech Abu Bakar Abdullah as the messenger of Islam in Belitung.

The way to Gurok Beraye, even that it's paved but you must watch out because it not only uphill but on the right side with deep slope s well.

Gurok Beraye (Photo IG @setiawan_ddy)


"Kulong" in local dialect, means Lake. It located on Jalan Murai, around 6 kilometers from Town Center Tanjungpandan. It is easily reached by two wheel vehicles or four wheel vehicles. 

This lake was formed, caused by dredging and mining the kaolin as 2 - 10 meters deep. The expanse of white kaolin soil on the surface and on the lake bed cause the color of water get blue.

The such scenery is always hunted by both tourists and photographers to be eternalized. The visitors are recommended not to be too close to the aged of the lake because the bank of the lake is so crumbly.

Kaolin Lake - (in frame Onedox - https://www.youtube.com/onedoxofficial)


This beach is located in the village of Juru Seberang, District Tanjungpandan. This beach is interesting and has a different potential from the beaches in Belitung.

This coastal area is often used as a campsite so that special interest tourists who want to do camping activities are the place.

From this beach, everyone can see clearly the row of hotels in the Tanjung Pendam Beach area, the water is clear and comfortable for swimming because it is not to deep.

Gusong Bugis (Photo IG @kirayarcapada)


Arumdalu Private Resort Belitung located in Batu Lubang street, Membalong District, Belitung. This location can be reached about 45 minutes from airport of Tanjungpandan, Belitung. It's one of private destination in Belitung very comfort and properly for your holiday.

There are some facility in Arumdalu Private Resort, more than 2 villa, swimming pool, facility for business, garden, hot tub and airport shuttle service. Other facility in this accomodation are water sport, meeting room and dry cleaning. 

Various activity can be enjoyed in property or in the surrounding area, include ride a bicycle, hiking, and snorkeling. In this accomodation there is Sahang Cafe and Restaurant offers tasty dish of Belitung and other international dish. 

This place is very suitable for honeymoon couple. Spending time together with amazing beach atmosphere.

Arumdalu Private Resort (Photo arumdalubelitung.com)
Arumdalu Private Resort (Photo arumdalubelitung.com)


Located in the village of Kacang Butor 27 kilometers from the city of Tanjungpandan, Rimba Alam Bahagia has the natural beauty of the original forest of Belitung. There are tropical fruit plants and organic vegetables accompanied by a peaceful atmosphere like a village that will make tourist feel at home.

On the other side there is a gallery of nature's love culture that invites us to get closer to nature, learn to live in harmony with nature, then understand the example that nature shows by giving selflessly and not discriminating.

Nature can even meet our needs for mental and spiritual life.

Rimba Alam Bahagia Belitung (Photo FB Rimba Alam Bahagia)


The Belitung Traditional House called Rumah Panggong is a reconstrutction of the architecture of a typical Belitung traditional house that is very thick with the Malay culture that we usually find in areas along the coast of Sumatra and Malacca.

Inside the house there are several art and cultural artifacts of the Belitung community, such as traditional clothing and traditional tools to read the Belitung traditional marriage.

This Belitung traditional house is a building in the form of a stilt house made of wood that describes the old traditional Belitung house architecture. Like typical Malay houses, the Belitung traditional house is also known to have three type namely Early Malay architecture, Malay Bubung Panjang, and Melayu Bubung Limas. 

Early Malay House in the form of wooden stilt houses with materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan, tree accrue, leaves and reeds that grow and are easily obtained around the settlement.

The Belitung traditional house is in the shape of a pyramid, formerly the limas house was the owner's pride because of the form of the house people would know who the owner of the house was. As the name implies the pangung-shaped pangung house its pyramid-shaped roof are made of strong wood like nyato wood one of the quality woods in Bangka Belitung.

The location of the Belitung Traditional House is located next to the official residence of the Belitung Regent on Jalan General A. Yani in the center of Tanjungpandan City. In this place there are also often ceremonies for local Malay culture and art performances such as folding and regional dances.

Belitong Traditional House (Photo Katerina 2019)


Sub-district Membalong has not only fascinating tourist beach object but also other destinations which are not less interesting. In this area has huge rock which stand on the top of the hill. Because of its so larger size than other rocks around, so it called Batu Baginda.

To come forward to the location, you have got to walk through the path in the forest then we with caution walk to climb by holding with piece of ropes provided. 

From the top of the rock the amazing panorama around can be enjoyed. This place is very reachable with a good condition of road. The distance is 6 kilometers from Membalong Town.

Batu Baginde (Photo Len-diary.com)


Located in Aik Nangka Simpang Rusa village Membalong District. This waterfall usual called by local people with name Kepala Kawai waterfall from Tanjungpandan city center it is about 30 kilometers and it can be visited using motorcycle +/- 500 meters from village road and than followed by walking because and than followed by walking because the terrain quite a bit up hill and rocky

This location have been recognized its existence by local tourist especially at Saturday. Sunday or holiday that just want to enjoy a beautiful tropical forest view for nature lovers this place very suitable because the terrain had little bit challenge with the height is abrupt coupled with trekking rocks so it makes tourist adrenaline increased. 

However tourist no need to worry because local people have been prepared shelter facilities for tourist whose exhausted on the way. However to make it easier to climbing, all the way to waterfall has provided a rope to help tourist to get the location.

Kepala Kawai (Photo travelingyuk.com)


It is located in the village of Kelekak Datuk sub-district Badau, 30 kilometers from Tanjungpandan Town Center. On this location, you will see a river which its stream comes from Gunung Tajam. 

Apart from as the recreation place, this spot is also conservation for "Tarsius Bancanus Saltator". It is included in a rare animal which is only found in Belitung Island. Local people call the primate is "Pefflean", 

To ease the visitors to see this primate in a short distance, the officers have placed these animals in a cage. The visitors can do activities such as canoeing along the river while taking a look at the natural scenery, hiking and flying fox, sport with is so challenging, all those kinds of sport you may try here.

If you are fond of spending the night in forest, The officers have provided "indosafaritent" and tree huts.

Batu Mentas (Photo: wisata-budaya-babel.blogspot.co.id)


Makan Bedulang (have meal by the tray) is a specific traditional collinear of Malay ethnic, especially in Bangka Belitung archipelago. 

Makan Bedulang is a process of having meal together by one tray, consist of four people that sitting in cross leg and face to face around a tray filled with food, served and enjoyed with certain manner and ethics.

The culinary that serve in Makan Bedulang usually according to the ability of the host and the supply of culinary material in an area. Some samples of specific culinary usually served, such as:

1) Gangan Darat (rural curry) with chicken, beef or mouse deer meat; 

2) Chicken, duck or squids cooked with coriander spices'

3) Fish Satay'

4) Chili sauce (fried chili sauce, pineapple chili sauce, citronella chili sauce, etc)

5) And some other specific culinary of Belitong that can be added in accordance with the characteristic of a region. 


It's located is on Jalan Melati Tanjungpandan. It used to be geological museum especially kept various kinds of stones and things that represented the history of tin mining exploration both explored by traditional ones and using modem devices. All of those are well kept. 

This museum was built on the initiative of R.Osberger, an Austria Geologist in 1962, he was in charge of the unit of Belitung tin mining company. As the time went on, it was then functioned as the building to keep historical remains of kings that used to exist in Belitung.

The remains are such as choppers, cresses, earthen wares, furniture and other antiques. Its address is on Jalan Melati Tanjungpandan. 

Museum Tanjungpandan (Katerina Photo 2019)


The riches of historical heritage of Belitung which come from King of Badau is still found in Badau Museum, 20 kilometers from Tanjungpandan town centre.

In historical book of Belitung composed by DR. Osberger, written that in the 15th century, the first Javanese who arrived in Belitung was Datuk Mayang Gresik. He used to be the firts King of Badau. 

The 10th his descent was Djohar. The rest remains are Creese, swords, gongs, small gongs, and two lances known as tombak beramba. It is said to have magical power. Therefore the box where the lance is kept can't be locked because when it is locked, the box will be shaking as it will push out.

Museum Badau (Photo gpswisataindonesi.info)

Top 30 must-visit places list is enough to show why you should not give Belitung a miss! 💗

More info about Belitung Tourism: www.dispar.belitungkab.go.id

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Seorang istri. Ibu dari dua anak remaja. Tinggal di BSD City. Gemar jalan-jalan, memotret, dan menulis.

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  10. Masya Allah keindahan Indonesia sungguh luar biasa. Pantas ya wisatawan asing terpesona. Ga sangka Belitung juga punya keindahan 😍😍

  11. Kalau saya tinggal di Belitung mungkin udah jadi anak pantai banget, ya. Cakep-cakep semua pantainya hehehe. Gak cukup nih liburan ke sana kalau cuma beberapa hari

  12. Masya Allah...
    Mantep banget mba bisa ke semua tempat ketjeh di Belitung
    Saya kira itu Belitung cuma pantai doang looh, terus kesannya panas... Ternyata eh ternyata cakep amaaat :*

  13. Next mesti banget ini explore Belitung padahal deket bangt dengan Jakarta ya mba... Indah2 banget lengkap semuanya... tersaji lukisan Allah ya mba... Saunding2 mba klo explore kemana gitu jadi bisa ngintilin Saya...☺️

  14. wah banyak ya mbak spot wisata kece di belitung
    itu harus habisin berapa hari ya buat menjelajah semuanya

  15. Nice writing Rien. In fact there are some places I haven't visited yet. Must return Belitung then. A place of treasure and valuable one to be well-promoted

  16. Mbak rien cakep reviewnya, liat foto-foto ini aku jadi pengen main juga ke Belitung

  17. Komplit. Pantainya banyak batu2 besarnya. Asa juga sih pulau pasirnya. Ah... saya pengen bgt foto di danau Kaolin.Belitong ni next trip 😀

  18. Bagusnyaa yaa mba alam di Belitung, aku belum jadi nih mau kesini tuh, view batu-batunya tuh bagus banget dan iconik banget

  19. What a wonderful island in Indonesia, Belitung has beautiful scenery. Belitung sepertinya jadi satu pulau yang wajib masuk list traveling nanti ketika semua aman. Thanks for sharing mba Rien

  20. Masya Allah, indah banget yah Belitung, ah kapan saya bisa kesana yah? huhuh

  21. Pengen banget ke Belitung dari tempatku naik kapal deket sebenarnya, semoga ada kesempatan kesana

  22. Wuaa banyak sekali spot wisata menarik di Belitung ya Mbak. Pemandangannya juga pada keren-keren dan cantik. Duh mupeng saya berasa pengen liburan dan menjelajah Belitung.

  23. Wooow, amaziiiiing!!
    MasyaAllah, semuanya kereeen, instagramable banget ya ini.
    Noted, hope someday will visit Belitung also.

  24. wow, it turns out that belitong is that good. I think there are only a few interesting destinations there. But the weather is amazingly good there. the sky is so bright!

  25. wih keren keren spotnya , jadi pengen liburan bareng keluarga

  26. Mbak Rien, makasih banget buat info-infonya, ya! Saya dan istri jadi pengen ke Belitung :D

  27. Wishlist traveling aku ini tahun 2021 kak... Semoga pandemi segera berlalu jadi bisa deh melancong kesana segera. Bisa jadi bahan tour guide nih infonya kak.

  28. Belitung the best place to visit after pancamic. Thanks for sharing this information. This article give me a lot of information about traveling.

    I am happy to read it and waiting for the next post.

  29. Terima kasih untuk 💯 informasi detail tentang pulau Belitong. Semoga akan lebih banyak lagi orang mengenal Bumi Laskar Pelangi melalui travelerien serta mengunjunginya.
    Salam Wisata 🤝


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